Hi I am new to the forum and would like help.
I have a Muso, 2nd Generation, All-in-One System which I really like. However where I have a problem is with the Naim App and also Tidal. I have the App on my Apple I-Phone SE. When I turn this on it simply says “searching for room” - which it can never find. When I looked on-line to install Tidal it says to turn on the App and then click Tidal. However I can never get that scree up on my Naim App. Can anyone help me get the App sorted so that I can then load Tidal onto my Muso. Many Thanks Berni

It may well be that the app is working fine and the problem is elsewhere. Let’s start with this:

Are you sure that your Muso has correctly connected to your LAN? Are you using wired ethernet or wifi to connect the Muso?

Is your iPhone connected to your LAN by wifi? It has to be connected to the same LAN, not just using a mobile data connection from your phone service provider.

I suppose you mean this?

Yes, you cannot get to this screen because your app could not connect to your Muso yet. See above

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