NAIM app and TIDAL

Goodmorning everyone. In the previous NAIM app when opening an artist/album from my library, it would automatically show other albums (not in my library) from the same artist available on TIDAL. I assume this wonderful feature was not taken out the new app, but somehow I cant get set it up this way. Any hints on how to do this would be welcome (unless NAIM did take this out?). Thanks and enjoy the music. Pieter

IIRC you can flick left to see them on my iPad.
or right click and go to album or artist.

Not working on my phone. Am mostly using my Samsung S10 phone…

I’ve been using my wife’s Android phone lately while my iPad was being mended and it’s not easy to control from that for me.
I love the Naim app via iPad, but it’s barely workable from Android OS for me.

This still works fine for me on iPhone. Try logging out if Tidal, then logging back in, in the Naim app input settings, in case the app just needs a nudge.

Hi, still featured, but only for albums I’ve ripped to the Core. If I’ve moved pre ripped to the downloads folder (My FLAC folder) this feature does not seem to be available. I’ve no idea why.

Hi all thanks so much for your reactions and suggestions. I have tried to log out - in but still doesn’t show. NB on my iphone it does show but not on the Samsung?? Is it just not meant for Android?

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