Naim App behaving strangely

I have a Muso II and a NAC n272. Both work fine with the app independently. I like to sync them so as I can move about the house. Linking the 272 to the Muso (as the primary source) works but can be a bit flakey on connection. When I use the 272 as the primary source and link the Muso to it, works flawlessly …but. When I try to make adjustments ie change volume or switch stations directly on the Muso using the app, it won’t connect, all I get is a spinny circle. Strangely, I can adjust volume and switch on and off when using the app connected via the 272 input on the app. After I switch the 272 off the app won’t re connect to the Muso, I have to power off at the socket, which is a pain. I’m sorry this sounds so convoluted, its really difficult to explain, any thoughts much appreciated.

You give us nothing like enough information to make meaningful comments I’m afraid. But if you are connecting either or both of the 272 and Muso by WiFi, then there is probably your problem. The WiFi doesn’t work well on these old units and you probably need to use Ethernet cable to connect them to the router.

Also which version of the app are you running, IOS or Android, and on what device?

And has it always been like this or has it recently started to misbehave?

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Hi David
The Muso is connected via wire direct to the router (virgin), the 272 is connected via wire through a Powerline adaptor. I am using IOS on an iPhone X. The 272 has only recently moved rooms and it is a feature I didn’t use before. Both work with the app fine until I sync the Muso to the 272 (using the four squares, bottom left in the app and selecting the Muso to sync). After that the app won’t connect to the Muso directly but still shows it in the app when looking at it on the 272 sync page). Sorry this is really difficult for me to describe succinctly. Thanks for looking.

I would be surprised if this wasn’t part of the problem. Try turning all Powerline stuff off completely and connect the 272 via Ethernet, even if only temporarily as a test, and see if it then works.

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Powerline adapters are renowned for not working properly in Naim systems, although some people get away with it fine.

I suggest you try replacing the Powerline adapter with a long Ethernet cable. They cost very little on eBay for example and you can just lay it across the floor to try it out. You will probably find that everything now works properly and you will then know where to look to solve the problem.

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I will give it a try and report back, thanks.

I have now tried wiring both direct, no difference I’m afraid. Strangely, when I use the Muso as the master I can still see the 272 in the app unlike the other way round.

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