Naim app behavior

Hi all

Next to the fact that on Android browsing through the Artist section on the Uniti Core is really atrociously slow on Android I also spotted an issue with the Naim app on iOs. On Android my QB2 is visible, on iOs it isn’t… Deleting and reinstalling the app does not help, not on an iPad, not on an iPhone… Any ideas what could cause this?

Are the Muso and Qb2 connected by WiFi or Ethernet? Is the Muso a Gen 1 or 2? Does restarting the Qb2 help?

Also was it always like this or is this a new problem?

All Wi-Fi except the Core. All Mu-so are gen2. I never had this happen before, first time I noticed this was today, after the new firmware update.

BTW… It took 3 reboots for it to correct itself. Will keep an eye on this to see if it reoccurs…

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