Naim App Can't Find Hard Wired Qb

The Naim App on either Android or iPhone can’t find my Qb which is hardwired to the network.

The App searches wifi for the Qb, can’t find it, and gives up.

How can I connect the App to my Qb?


Try a different network cable first.
It may be faulty.

Try unplugging the Qb from the mains, then plugging it in again.

What’s the state (ie colour) of the network activity led on the qb?

Is this Qb ‘new to you’? If so a factory reset would be good practice.

Are you trying to set it up and the app can’t find it?

Or does it periodically go missing from the app?


The Qb was in deep sleep. Pushing on the Standby Icon turned the status light from on the white and the App found the Qb,



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