Naim app closes when searching

Today suddenly the app closes when trying to search for music On more devices and restart does not solve it. Does anyone else have this?

Is this IOS or Android app? What are you searching? Also when you say restart, do you mean just selecting the app again or do you mean quitting the app and restarting it?



iOS. I restarted my phone but it still occurs. Also with another phone.
It was fine 30 min ago. I can still play my music but can not look for new.
Should I reinstall the app?

It seems to be changing already with a shory search before it closes.

I reinstalled the app as well but still the same

On iPad it seems to work ok

I have the same problem since today. Also on iPad and on iPhone. Every time I search the app crashes.

I restarted the phone and also the ND5XS2 by unplugging it for one minute. Didn’t help either.

Same problem here since today, Using both iPhone and iPad. I tried restarting ndx2, Core and phone. The search worked on iPad without Tidal. After installing Tidal, it failed on the iPad.

Tidal indeed seems the problem. I uninstalled the app and only logged into Qobuz and problem is gone.

I’ve noticed that, occasionally, after using Tidal, the app (iPhone) won’t stream from a US into a Mu-so. Rebooting the latter fixes the issue.

You are right on my iPad I was not logged into Tidal. Searching in the Tidal app itself works and also on my Logitech server old streaming system it is fine

With previous problems Naim usually responds very quickly. Hope also now, will use only Qobuz for now to search, or search in the app and put it in favorites.

Yes, I started similar Topic recently iPad and iPhone app quitting when typing in search bar

I have copied my experiences below as I don’t know how to merge topics.

Today both my iPhone and iPad are quitting the app when I start typing in the search bar.
iPhone is using version 5.14.4 on IOS13.5.1
iPad is using version 5.16 on IOS 12.4.7
Both quitting the app when I get to four letters in the search bar today and both have previously worked fine. Any ideas?

OK, so now I can see it only happens when i’m logged in to my TIDAL streaming app. If I log out of TIDAL I can type in the Naim app search bar without it quitting. Not much use as I don’t have another streaming account. So I tried the TIDAL app and searches there work OK and can stream to my Mu-so with Chromecast.
I have updated my TIDAL app and run an update for the Mu-so speaker but still have the same issue searching on the Naim app when its logged in to TIDAL - weird

It does seem weird. I will flag this up to @Paul to see if there’s anything we can do here.

Hello…just for information my app on both phone and iPad has started to crash. I cannot use it to connect to my US and Tidal will not search. It was fine yesterday.


I’ll flag this up to @Stevesky

Thanks everyone, We’re looking it in to it.


I have reloaded the app on iPad and iPhone both running iOS 13.5.1. I have restarted my Virgin Hub 3.0 and I have restarted all of my switches. Both apps crash when trying to play ripped CD’s from my UntiServe and when trying to use Tidal and search for music. That just bomb straight out. I can however play radio and use Spotify.


It may well be TIDAL. I have deleted the TIDAL app but it still crashes. The ripped music gives you options at the bottom of the app via TIDAL which crashes and using TIDAL via the app crashes as well

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Now working again on both my iPhone and iPad with TIDAL logged in. Would be interested to know what the problem/fix was/is.