Naim App Connectivity Issue to find room on 1st atttemp

Hi there together,
I’m running my Unity Atom in my home network.
The Atom is connected with an LAN cable to a AVM Fritzbox 7490.

To enhance the WiFi in our appartment I connected an Ubiquiti UniFi Lite to the switch port (incl. Power over Ethernet). The Wifi on the AVM Fritzbox is disabled.

The only issue I have is that the Naim App which I use on my iPhone doesn’t find the Atom / Room I defined to switch on the Atom when it’s in Standby modus. I allways have to make two attempts (push the refresh button) and then the Atom / Room is shown on the iOS App and I’m able to switch it on.

Does anybody have a an idea how to solve that issue?
Many Thanks for oyur kind support.
Kindest regards

I have exactly the same issue, also connected via an Ethernet cable to - in my case - a netgear router. Sorry, but I don’t have a solution, however I would be interested to learn how to fix this.

A bit curious is that if I start the Spotify app on my iPhone and then select the Atom it switches on at the 1st attempt.

The Naim App Version that I used around January 2019 (don’t remember the version) didn’t had that issue.

Thanks for any help and answers and have a good start in 2020

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This is one of so many problems with this mediocre App. And the list of failings is growing by the day…

I’ve bought a QNAP NAS and use Asset - £500 extra with drives but working absolute a treat. Naim Core just used for ripping which is of course an expensive ripper :rage::rage::rage:

Happy New Year to all of you …
This is really anoying for such a high class Audio Streamer.
I did also some changes on my FritzBox but had no luck. Yesterday a friend of mine installed the Naim App on his new iPhone 11 pro and he was connected to my home WiFi.
When he started the app on his iPhone 11 Pro the Atom appeared in the 1st attempt.

I really like the Naim Atom a lot but the App is a kind of frustrating and could offer much more adjustments or settings (brightness, show clock when the Atom is in Standby mode, etc.
Really lot of space for improvements.

Pity Naim does not listen!! I spoke to representatives but they were not very confident of major improvements - one of them admitted that their development team for app might be a it small. :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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