Naim app control issues w/Core and NDS - help, please!

Until recently, I’ve been running an NDS/555 with a UnitiServe in a networked but freestanding complete system. I also have two other Naim streamers in the house, one in a networked but freestanding complete system and another in a networked whole house system. All see a NAS drive that has music files on it. Since I built the NDS system and the whole house system about 3 1/2 years ago, I’ve consistently had problems with the Naim app. It freezes, it won’t let me change sources, it sometimes will only play one song at a time, and sometimes it won’t play anything. Everything stays updated and I reboot liberally. Recently, I became so frustrated that I doubled down and replaced the Serve with a Uniti Core. Initially, it worked great, and now I’m having similar problems, including with being able to switch sources in the NDS (e.g. stuck in Tidal and can’t get to UPnP).

More specifically, today, I can play files that live directly on the Uniti Core using the NDS as the player, but when I use the digital out on the Core so I can play directly from it and only use the NDS as the converter, I can’t get anything to play. The issue, as always, seems to be the app. In today’s case, I can change albums or songs that the Core is trying to play and which as stored on the Core, but whatever song it shows as “live” to be played, the play button in the app isn’t activated. I can “punch” it twenty times, and nothing happens because it’s not active. I can change songs, and whatever song comes up has the same problem. I’ve rebooted everything in the signal and control chain and nothing changes. I can go back to the NDS and play files from the Core using the NDS as the player again, but then when I switch inputs on the NDS and try to play the same song using the Core as the source, the play button is again inactive and the song won’t play. I’ve had this happen many times before with the Serve and my other streamers (and it eventually just goes away and things work again; there’s no identifiable fix), but when I got the Core a few weeks ago everything was working. Now, suddenly, everything works but the Core.

Does anyone have any suggestions? As much as I love the sound, I’m getting incredibly frustrated with all of my Naim gear because it just won’t play for me consistently and I can’t troubleshoot or fix it. Thank you!

Can you describe your network configuration in more detail? Switches, routers, WiFi, what’s connected to what? My immediate feeling is there might be IP address conflicts, as you mention 3 separate networks.

I agree with Robert that there is possibly something in your network setup that the streamer doesn’t like, so if you can give us some info on your network setup it might help. I’m struggling to understand some of your terminology, can you explain what you mean by “networked but freestanding complete system” and “ networked whole house system”?

If you use the Core as a player, Nds as Dac, did you connect the Core to Nds with an Spdif cable?
And why do you want the Core to be the player? Nds and Core by ethernet is better sounding, specially if you have a good switch and quality Ethernet cable.

Thanks to all for your responses. I’ll respond to all here.

As to setup, sorry for my shorthand. What I meant is this…there are three “systems”; i.e. one system w/NDS, 555, Core, etc. with its own amplification and speakers. Another has a different Naim streamer and its own amplification and speakers, and a third is a whole-house system with a third Naim streamer and its own amplification and connection to speakers installed in the walls/ceiling all over the house. All streamers see the network, a NAS drive, and the Core, which also has music files on board.

Yes, the Core is connected to the NDS w/SPDIF cable. I felt it sounded better with the Core as the source and the NDS as DAC, but right now I can’t compare b/c the Core won’t play as the source!

My network is fairly simple, although not my area so I won’t be able to describe much. Comcast modem and router, two each 5 and 2.4 access point around the house. Unfortunately, I can’t offer much beyond that. In terms of IP address conflicts, etc., I will say that the Core worked initially just as expected, but more recently it’s had this issue where the “play” button on the Naim app doesn’t “work.” I am able to control the Core otherwise, e.g. switch songs, etc. I can’t play them. Right now, I’m having no trouble controlling the NDS and accessing the files on the Core (or NAS, or Tidal, etc.). But there are times when I can’t change sources on a given streamer, for example.

Thanks very much!

I sounds quite straight forward and should work ok.

So I am wondering whether you have tried turning everything off, including the router etc and restarting it, router first, then the other access points, then the streamers and the Core.

Before someone tells you that you can’t expect the Core to deliver music via a direct connection and by upnp over the network at the same time, there is no problem doing this at all, of course.



Actually, I haven’t tried the full reboot, including the network, in that order, so I’ll try that and report back. Thank you!

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