Naim App crash - Analog Sensitivity

First time looking for support, apologies if I’m posting in the wrong place…I’ve a Uniti Atom HE, planning to connect my TV to the Analog Input, the input is by default on HI-FI (2.5V) , everytime I try to change the Sensitivity from the default the app (Android latest version) crash and goes back to ROOMS, I’ve to reselect the Atom nothing and changes…bug or I’m doing something wrong? Appreciate the support.

P.s - Already turned off the system and back on, behavior stay the same…

Even if you did something wrong, it should not crash :slight_smile: Paging @tomvamos for input

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Perfect, thanks!

Does your TV have an optical digital output? This doesn’t answer your question but I would expect better sound this way than using an analogue connection.

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As Chris has suggested, I would try to use the optical connection for better sound.

However, it should not crash, so best for @tomvamos to comment here I think.

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Hi @Rookie, you’re not doing anything wrong and this is an Android bug which has been fixed in development recently. There will be an Android patch release of the app (2.22.1) which will contain this fix (and a few others) coming out soon.
Sorry for the nuisance.


Excellent, many thanks :+1:

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Indeed it has one…but that’s not my use case, the quality of the sound coming from the TV “doesn’t really bother me” as long it’s acceptable.
I’ve an AppleTV connected to my TV and I want to use it’s remote control (what the family is used to) to control the volume, etc, by leveraging the TV HDMI ARC port and route the sound through the Naim…I bought a (cheap) HDMI ARC to Analog adapter/converter (it can’t be Toslink, etc, because the ARC function would not work, needs to be analog for volume control to work) on Amazon and works perfectly for this use case…meantime I chose the “AV fix volume option” that bypass the Sensitivity issue (goes into Auto mode)…but good to know it will be fixed anyway. :v:

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