Naim App Display Goes Wrong

I have a new ND5 XS 2 with the Naim App (latest version, 5.14.3) on iOS.

One of several ways I have found that the app display sometimes “goes wrong” after minimising and returning to the app with music playing, is that the status bar can get overwritten with two lines of text showing at once. Attached is an example where it is stuck showing both a previous track I was playing by King Crimson, and the current one by Brian Eno.

Another way is that sometimes when I reopen the app, the status bar does not show any track playing at all, just “Ready”, although a track is in fact still playing.

Another frequent one is that when playing an album, I initially see the list of album tracks, and may be playing, say, track 3 of 10 on the album, but on returning to the app this list has vanished and I can’t seem to get it back. The status line still shows the current track playing, but the context of where this was in the album has been lost.

Are these known issues?

Naim is looking at this issue following recent beta testing reports, but this is the first time it’s been reported in the forum on the release app so far as I know. You could send a report using the send feedback option in the app. But they are on it anyway.




Yes had the same problem yesterday - I thought this had been flagged up a while ago and fixed but as per David above seems it’s still at large.

Nice overlay Eno and King Crimson.

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