Naim App - E's Over Art

In the 07/09/2021 app update lists the following change:
· TIDAL: identify albums/tracks with explicit lyrics

What it doesn’t mention is the plague of E’s defacing album artwork and the app in general.
Please remove it, or at least provide an option for those that don’t need to be nannied to do so.

Thank you.

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I suspect that’s a Tidal thing not a Naim thing….

No I don’t think that is the case.
In the Tidal app the titles have a subtle EXPLICIT tag below the item.

Ah, so the tagging is Tidal’s but the presentation in the Naim app is their’s……

Any insight here @tomvamos ?

In the latest release of the iOS app (5.22) we’ve started bringing through a little more info from 3rd parties including the ‘Explicit Lyrics’ badge - especially useful when there are 2 seemingly identical versions of the same album. Previous releases, one wouldn’t have known that one was with explicit lyrics, the other more family friendly.
Therefore, when in ‘artwork grid view’, the artwork can display up to 3 overlaid badges:

  • Source (TIDAL, Qobuz)
  • Hi-Res (currently Qobuz only)
  • Explicit lyrics

This information has to be available in grid and row views.

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The “explicit” is not shown for Qobuz on Android, right? I do see the “hi-res” badges, but no “explicit”

That’s right, and the same for IOS and Android. The Qobuz API is a little less informative than TIDAL’s. They don’t include that detail I’m afraid.

Thanks. Just checkin’ if I’m going mad :slight_smile: Having the info would be useful I guess, but I’d not like a permanent, unremovable badge on album covers either

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Could you please make Explicit a subtle tag as in the native Tidal app, or ideally make all the overlays able to be toggled off?
It’s irrelevant to me, I’m happy with whatever the artist intended their work to be rather than someone else’s interpretation.

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Qobuz does show the explicit logo adjacent to the track, thankfully it doesn’t superimpose it across the cover art.
The EXPLICIT tag below the material is still the best option, as done in the native streaming apps.

Moving to Qobuz was a simple solution for me, major benefit is the sound quality for Hi-Res material.

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