Naim App: Feature Request

Would it be an idea to have a volume slider on the main screen if the app? (see picture) Would make quick volume interventions much easier… :grinning:


The widget gives you access to volume control quicker than that, you don’t need to open the app, or even unlock your phone. If you’re using the app on an Android device I’m not sure if this is available.

Actually I wouldn’t see any advantage in what you suggest, personally.

You can just swipe to the left on your phone or tablets Home Screen to access volume control.

On Android there’s indeed still no widget :cry:

Unless that’s around the corner I think the OPs suggestion makes a lot of sense as a band-aid.

There is no widget on Android unfortunately… And the Android volume controls only work when you are inside the Focal Naim app… Which makes it two steps down into the app before you can control volume on a device (and not even mentioning the fact that upon opening the app, you first go into the last active device from which you have to return prior to adjusting the volume on another device. That almost makes getting up and walking towards the device in question easier :rofl:)

So indeed, as a quick fix, it would be nice to either have a widget or a possibility for a quick volume ajustement on the main screen.

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