Naim App feature requests

I’m hoping this may be useful and haven’t found anything along similar lines. Please merge and tell me off, if I’ve missed something.

Anyway, just starting to get my head round the App for the ND555 and I would love:

  1. A volume slider rather than just the + and - buttons which don’t give enough fine control
  2. Qobuz integration

What have others got to add to the wish list?

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With the new Unity’s there is a slider…

I would love a random shuffle on all files without creating a playlist on connected harddrives. Rather than the album shuffle or the maximum of 500 songs playlist shuffle.

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It’s only possible to have a slider on boxes that include a volume control. The +/- control is needed for system automation control of an analogue preamp.

Surely a slider that replicates continuous clicks could be implemented? - slider +

The position of the cursor on the line would not indicate the volume level, as the app has no idea what the volume level is. The control is an analogue pot, and all the +/- buttons do is turn on a little motor that turns it up and down for as long as you hold down the button.

Playlist Syncronisation

An ability to automatically synchronise playlists held locally across multiple control devices e.g iPad, iPhone etc


Another vote for Playlist synchronisation, as suggested by Jack.

You can, of course, do this with Tidal playlists or on Roon, but not the Naim app on UPnP, although you can transfer them manually. It would need to be optional, as some will want to keep them separate for different users.

Ah! Thanks. Got it now…

I would LOVE a facility to copy/replace iRadio presets on one streamer (including the “green screen” ones) with those from another. I have a SU and UQ2 and it’s a pain to keep them the same.


A random or shuffle mod and the ability to downgrade firmware on the new uniti line (like the classic one or the older uniti…)

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My main need from the Naim App is to enable simultaneous digital and analogue outputs for which I connect to different pre-amps/processors (with/without DAC) in adjacent rooms.

I was able to do this with a Linn Majik DS/2 - the ‘clinical’ sound of which I have happily replaced with a ND5 XS2 - but

I found the Kazoo App better for managing the play queue and for the room optimisation - as well as the Majik’s flexibility on the outputs mentioned above.

I also use ‘multiroom’ with a Muso QB - the access to this is hard to find in the app for a newbie.

Finally, it would be helpful to be able to programme the alarm function on the Muso by day of the week, and not just by Weekend/Weekday.

What problem do you have using multiroom?

An SDK so there’s the possibility to create our own ‘apps’/‘plugins’.

Searching for a track/album/artist won’t default to (in my instance) Tidal, but would search first on your UPNP database and/or merge findings.

Phone volume up/down buttons would control amp volume when in the app, rather than the virtual buttons on screen.


Geat suggestions. Getting all that nonsense from Tidal gets on my nerves…

Improve the responsiveness of the volume slider. It may be an IOS thing but if I pick up the iPad to change the volume it takes an age to appear and is initially unresponsive, leading to sudden big changes. This is on a current and fully patched iPad, not some ropey old Mk 1 version from yonks ago.

Improve the pop-up menu to move Play away from Queue Next & Queue Last, to end that infuriation of building up a nice selection of tracks that’s then instantly lost by missing Next and tapping Play instead by mistake. Yes, blame wine and or age, but my experience of s/w development is that it’s better to reduce the chance of user error rather than mitigating it after the event.

Make it work on Android as well as it does on iOS.

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It’s not an IOS thing because this isn’t a problem we’ve met in beta testing and for example the volume works fine and responsively on my iPhone and iPad. I suspect your network…


Search for radio station by name.