Naim app: filter albums from singles?

A few months ago I went back from Roon to using the Naim app.

Probably the one thing I really have trouble with is that when I go to an artists albums it lists albums and single albums mixed, often in no particular order that I can discern.

Is there any way that anyone knows of to filter out singles from this view?

I’m guessing that you’re talking about Qobuz. Their own app is a complete shambles, with the so-called albums section containing a jumbled mixture of albums, EPs and singles. The API that is they make available to Naim is the same.
I would suggest that if as many people as possible use their app feedback to complain about this there is a small chance that they might sort it out.

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Oh you are spot on! Just checked a Tidal source in the app and that is separated.

Been preferring Qobuz so I did not notice :grinning:

Thanks for clearing this up.

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