Naim App Finding Rooms


Should the ND5 XS2 be setup with a static IP using a wired connection?

I keep going to use the app and it cannot find the ND5 XS2. I have a netgear ac1900 nighthawk router with DD-WRT installed on it.

Would expect problems with a wireless connection but a wired connection is really quite simple…

Best not use static IP, the DHCP protocol in the router is designed to do that.
Finding rooms problems are not normally related to IP address allocation.
I would look at the wireless set up, I suspect its that to the control point (what is it - Android, iOS, phone or tablet)
Try a system re-boot, router started first & let it finish)

Best approach is wired with DHCP.

If the app cannot find the streamer, it’s possible that the router / WAP is interfering with the communications protocol(s). With a previous router I found this to be the case. The answer for me was to use separate WAP (a Linksys Archer C2 in WAP only mode) only and remove the ISP provided router from the connection path from the App to the streamer and DLNA media server.

As everyone has said, Wired with DHCP is the best.

Perhaps after a reboot of the router, you can then logon to the router to check that it sees the ND5 XS2.

Do you have any other devices with the Naim App? I would definitely try a power down of your App device for at least 10 mins so it clears out its caches, then try again.

Do you have any other networking gear in play such as wifi extenders, etc?


Thanks for the replies.

Device is a iphone 11. xs2 is wired directly to the router which is wired to a virgin sh3 in modem mode.

I have two other access points / extenders in other parts of the house.

It might just be me, I am am always suspicious of any of these extenders, other than a MESH setup. So I would in your case just try switching off all the access points and extenders such that you are just using the router and modem. Then power cycle the router, and then the iPhone and retest.

If that works, then power on the other bits with testing at each stage plus consider a MESH instead if problems repeat.

My thoughts too GadgetMan. A mate has Virgin with a few odd extender things & although not a serious audio user, he’s always moaning about problems, mostly kids gaming & video streaming if I’ve got it right.
I’m a BT user & am in praise of the Smarthub-2 & its designed to match/handshake Halo Disc extenders. Its pretty well feature & user fiddle free, but guess what, it just works.

Agree. I think sometimes one on these two phrases really work

  • KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
  • or/and “Sometimes you just have to throw money at a problem”

It could be the phone connecting to their access points to be fair - doh.

Virgin router has nothing to do with it because it is only acting as modem, it does no dhcp or routing.

Had been putting off getting a mesh network but possibly the time is now.

Are you sure the changes of configuration you’ve made to the Netgear ac1900 aren’t an issue?
Have you checked?

Do you have conflicting WiFi SSIDs?

This is the most likely the cause of your problem.

What configuration changes? It’s a router that dishes out dhcp plugged into a modem.

The wireless access points could cause an issue I guess, they have the same SSID to make changing between then easier but again it’s a setup that hasn’t been a problem with a bluesound node so I struggle to see why the network setup is an issue.

So you have 2 routers…
Which one has its DNS enabled? (or both! ??)
Which one has its NAT enabled? (or both! ??)
Which one has its firewall enabled? (or both! ??)

What configuration changes… The ones to sort that lot out!

Connection to the Naim devices is timing critical, if there is an SSID conflict, then the timings could be compromised while the WAPs and the device argue about who is actually talking to whom.

The virgin router when put into modem mode turns it into a modem only so everything else you describe is by the netgear router.

Technically i have one router and one modem.

All the SSID’s on all 3 wireless broadcasts are the same.

This certainly sounds like the issue. Anyway where are you up to know. Have you carried out any of the suggested actions?

I rebooted both ND5 and the router, plugged the cable into the ND5 after the router had rebooted and it worked again. Which is good.

But I would like to figure out the issue for the future.

It is random to figure out when it is going to happen and i can’t leave my 2 other ap’s off permanently because they are needed.

Next time it happens, i will then try disabling the other ap’s.

Glad to hear it’s now working for you. I suspect the problem will return when you start moving around the house. You are effectively trying to create a mesh but without the proper handshaking between those devices. A bit like playing in a 5-a-side with a team that are all called Dave, and you ask Dave to pass to Dave

You could try just leaving the phone near the ND5, but I realise that may not be workable.

Other option is to get a pre-loved tablet and keep that by the ND5. In fact the app feels much better on a tablet.

Other option is to have separate SSID’s, but I don’t know how that would work in practice.

Final option is go MESH


I agree, repeaters with same SSID tend to be a pain. It also depends on the wifi driver in the client device, some tend to pick a repeater and stick to it, others switch between the different repeaters all the time which is a recipe for trouble. (The wifi settings may have a config option to identify a specific repeater to use, by its BSSID. It’s certainly the case on my Linux, but it’s a band aid)

In general, repeaters should be avoided and a proper mesh be used

Separate SSIDs usually work fine but are a pain when moving around in the house

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