Naim App for MacOS and ChromeOS

I have Macs and a single Chromebook in my house. I also use Sonos for a surround sound system in my living room. I can use the Sonos App on MacOS, ChromeOS as well iOS devices in my house. I would love to use the Naim App on my MacOS devices.

In another thread on this topic it was confirmed that there were no plans to make the Naim app available for MacOS. Since then, Big Sur has been released, which allows for native installation of iOS and iPad OS apps on a M1 Mac, has anyone done this and got the Naim app running?

For ChromeOS users, I can confirm that the Naim App for Android works fine with ChromeOS via the Play Store, I run that on my Pixelbook Go and it has the full functionality of the Android app.

Yes it absolutely works on an M1 Mac - no issues at all, and very convenient.


If they only could allow it to scale for desktop screens like Lumin and others already have done. Next year maybe!

Yes, agreed, Android app support on chromeOS began like that but most apps (including the Naim app) scale appropriately now.

Great to hear, thank you.

if you are looking for a workaround, and can find the IP address of your Naim player, you might be able to go to http://<ip_address>/webclient/ in your browser to get some controls.

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