Naim app for MacOS - Round 2

Why hasn’t this been developed? Surely people at Naim understand that the general public interact with multiple screens and that laptops / desktops are one of them?

Won’t help you if you have an Intel based Mac, but the iPad app runs pretty flawlessly on Apple Silicon Macs.

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so you can DL the app on an M1 Mac? from the App Store?

M1 and M2 Macs will run any iOS app.

As above, but Apple “M” based devices only.
It works basically the same as it would on an iPad.

now that is good info. thanks!

Actually that’s not quite true. Apple gave app developers an option to prevent their app running on a Mac with Apple silicon. The Linn app for instance is not available in the iPhone/Pad section of the App Store on my Mac, so I guess Linn exercised that option. Perhaps it’s because there’s a version of Linn Kazoo which runs on all Macs, not just M1/M2.


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Sadly lots of apps are not available but the naim on is and works fine

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