Naim app is getting better and better

Last year I’ve had plenty of problems getting the app to work properly on my phone. Lots of disconnects, not recognizing the Atom, volume control being stupid… I’ve complained about it in the old forum.

But I am very happy seeing the app becoming better and better. More stable, faster response. Thanks Naim for listening and improving the app, please keep up the good work!


I like the addition of the alphabet down the right hand side rather than dots, it makes browsing a large data base less hit and miss.

An awful lot of work is going on behind the scenes by naim getting the app better and better (and this is still continuing on an almost daily basis via beta tests)
Well done to naim for their efforts on this and taking the customer moans seriously!!

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That’s long been available as a setting.

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Yes but Android still has no Rovi! I had to buy an iPod touch purely because I wanted this feature.

I have never found that option in settings where it please?

If you pull the page down the option is at the top. Previously you tapped the three dots.

Excellent got it now many thanks!

I cannot find that option. Am I missing something.

You need to go into a layer below the Home Page (in your picture) such as iRadio or UPnP (servers)

Thanks Mike. Option found and updated!

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