Naim App Issue

Recently, with no apparent trigger the app will switch itself onto shuffle mid listening session. It’s happened 3 times already this evening.

Does anyone else have this issue / know how to stop it happening ? It’s very irritating !

If you’re using an iPhone, to control the app, rather than an iPad, it’s all too easy to suffer from fat finger syndrome in that bottom left hand corner of the screen.

Been there, done that.

No fat finger. The album had played track 1-11 no problem. Both my iPad and iPhone were on the other side of the room and track 6 came on rather than track 12. When I switched the app on the little shuffle symbol had gone white….very strange.

Yes, that’s happened to me too over the last week. I doubt it was me as I’m using an iPad with more screen real estate.

A cat?

Nope. There was only me in the room….and we don’t have a cat.

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