Naim app loses UPNP servers

A strange thing happened today. At lunchtime in my office, I opened my Naim app on my iPad to put some music on while I ate my lunch (working from home has its benefits), but no servers were visible, I just had a spinning wheel.

I checked on my iPhone, and it was working fine and all servers were there. I decided to delete the app from my iPad and reinstall it, but still no joy. My Muso and 272 are showing, but no severs. It’s still working fine on my iPhone.

Anyone else experienced this?


Likely to be a network issue. Try rebooting the router.

I had a number of upnp issues until I installed MinimServer on my NAS. It is now reliable.

Sounds like your home network is blocking the discovery probes, or the media server isn’t responding properly perhaps because of a firewall… Some poorly designed wifi products or network kludges like power line adapters can interfere with the protocols here and stop apps from working properly and make devices invisible within UPnP, AppleAirplay, ChromeCast and Roon for example.(but not necessarily at the same time).

From your description it sounds more like your server is not responding properly… either itself or how it’s connected to your home network.

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I had a similar issue recently. I spoke to the Naim helpline who asked If I’d had an Apple OS upgrade which I confirmed. The advisor immediately knew about the issue and talked me through changes to the settings which solved my problem. Sorry I can’t remember what I has to change,


Thanks - Tim, that sounds most likely, there was an upgrade installed. Its odd that its working on my iPhone absolutely fine though, and they are both on the same MacOS.

I’ll give Naim a call on Monday

I have Minimserver on my NAS, and likewise have had no issue until this one

I’m having the same issue with my iPad Pro. It seems like there’s always something to screw with. My iPhone is still working thankfully.

Does anyone have the procedure handy?

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Hard reboot of the iPad solves it for me.

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SOLVED! Thank you @Richard

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Mine seems to have corrected itself. Weird.

Then it sounds like our good old friend IGMP snooping - that is a dynamic thing - and can dynamically block and then open up again - especially if a host is blocking the multicast discovery messages - even temporarily. A host can include an iPad.

I must admit I have no such issues with my iOS and OSX but I am still running Catalina…

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