Naim app not configuring Mu-so Qb

Hopefully someone has seen this before, it seems to be an airplay setup problem of some description but my Naim app fails to configure the Mu-so Qb. Everything was working, no changes on the network (to my knowledge) -

  1. Factory reset
  2. Flashing purple light
  3. Select “Setup new product” (application reinstalled on Iphone X)
  4. Select Mu-so Qb
  5. Select “START SETUP”
  6. Select “Next”
  7. Select “Flashing purple”
  8. Single choice of “Mu-so Qb-B750”
  9. AirPort Setup starts gathering information and the correct network information appears, select “Next”
  10. AirPlay Setup screen shows joining network and then “Waiting for Mu-so Qb-B750”
  11. Status light on Mu-so Qb goes white
  12. AirPlay Setup reports “An unexpected error occurred. Try again.”
  13. Select “Cancel” (only option)
  14. Returns to setup select showing “Mu-so Qb-B750” (the status light on the Mu-so Qb is white)
  15. AirPort Setup starts gathering information and the correct network information appears, select “Next”
  16. AirPlay Setup reports “An unexpected error occurred. Try again.”
  17. The device is accessible via the IP address
  18. Manually adding the “Room” via the IP address shows the white circle on the application and eventually “No Product Found”.
  19. Internet radio does work correct, though spotify cannot find the speaker

Powered device off / on several times, factory reset several times. All network devices have been rebooted as well.

Versions of software / firmware / hardware –

 Iphone X – IOS 12.2
 Deleted and reinstalled Naim application (assumed to be on correct version)
 Mu-so Qb –

Airplay Firmware 366.0
Streamer Firmware 4257
Product Version 1.8.0 (2019-02-07)

Any ideas anyone?!?

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These are the exact same symptoms I am experiencing (absent #18, which I’ve not tried), and I can’t find a solution anywhere!

I also have a Mu-so and that can be found by my Airplay, so the problem, at least for me, seems very specific to the QBs (2 of them). I can connect to them via Bluetooth as well, just can’t see them via Airplay. I have an eero system providing mesh wifi and when I look at the devices shown on the network it shows all of my Naim devices, so it is just Apple that can’t seem to see them. I’ve had this problem intermittently previously, but it seems to be total now, and the one thing I changed is to upgrade my ios to 12.3, which makes me think there is some issue between the new iOS versions and Naim’s firmware.

I think it is time for me to try both Apple and Naim support.

To me the qb works with iPhone ios 12.x.vai in settings on the phone, wifi and select mu-so

It’s time for Naim to upgrade his app anyway

Were Naim support unable to help here?

I have a problem with Airplay on my Muso. I used to be able to see it but now it doesn’t appear. Rebooted everything several times to no avail. Bluetooth still works.

I raised it with Naim support a few days ago so will await their response.

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