Naim App not responding

My Naim app is failing to locate any of my three Naim streamers which are hooked up to my network. I have restarted the router and then turned on all of the streamers but still no joy. I don’t even have the option to locate anything - i just have a completely blank screen - the only icon that is responsive is the wheel in the top right hand corner which when clicked simply says settings but no more and i can do delve no further there either!

Anyone got any bright ideas? Should i delete the app and reinstall … i’m presuming that all of my playlists will be stored in Tidal and will transfer across?

Any advice welcome - i have of course done a search but cant readily find an answer to this

You don’t say which version of the app you are using. IOS or Android.

But in any case, the always obvious first step is to close the app (not just unselect it, but actually close it) and then reselect it.

If you delete the app, you lose all the data, so that is a last resort.



I presume you could connect to all three previously? If so then have you changed something?

Also you could try turning off and restarting your phone or tablet, sometimes this resets apps that have become unresponsive.

Thanks for your replies guys

Without having done anything (apart from leave the house for an hour!) the app has just sprung to life so all streamers now located!

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I had this same problem yesterday, unable to connect to either streamer. After a restart of my iPad and checking whether the app needed an update I discovered the iPad had connected to a different wifi network

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