Naim app Nov2020 update "Global search UI changes"

I was excited when I saw that the recent Naim App update (AndroidNov 3 2020 v2.10.0, IOS v5.19?) contained “Global search UI changes”. Great! I thought I’d finally be able to search for a word in a song title and find songs that match!

Does anyone know what these change are? It still seems to only be a able to filter stuff that’s already listed on the screen (genres if listing genres). It’s still quicker to scroll to find than type to find and I still can’t search for songs that match what I type (unless I’m missing something). Where is the search function?

Is there an App user manual that explains the search facility? I can’t find it.

On iOS there’s both a filter (what you describe; maybe you are looking in the wrong place?) and a “global search” function.
The latter is available at the very top of the start/home screen of the app, and searches across all your sources. (Well: servers and streaming services.)

Thanks Phillip,

What does the start/home screen look like? Selection of room? Once I’ve selected my room I have all my sources. I don’t see a search there. If I choose my NAS where my digital music is stored I get offered my servers (no search options). How will I recognise the search function?

Are you sure you are on the latest version? You mention Android 2.10 above. My Android version is 2.19.

When you select the room, there should be a search icon (magnifying glass) at the top allowing you to search all sources.

Does this work for new and old platforms? When I click on the search icon from the home screen it only searches Tidal (for a Qute).

On Android 2.19, after selecting a room I see the attached. Scrolling right gives me more sources but none of them are a search icon. Clicking on settings also doesn’t show search. Clicking on the name does nothing and clicking back arrow takes me back to room selection

On IOS 5.19, same thing but showing for bedroom.

What do I need to do to see the magnifying glass?

I have the Nova. Is your equipment the older generation? Maybe that is different as GavinB has suggested.

On my app, in the equivalent of your first screenshot, the magnifying glass is alongside the gear icon. As well as the Presets and Playlists headings, I also have Tracks, Albums and Radio.

I’m an idiot. We also have a Muso Qb 1st gen. I never use the app for that so didn’t think to try it. Anyway - no search icon so it is probably a generation thing.

Any other older gen + android users confirm this? My streamers are all first gen, but using iOS and this does have the search icon (albeit only to search Tidal).

EDIT: Sorry, just realised this is what PW42 is confirming!

Here are my versions:

Mu-so Qb
ARM APP: 1.8.00
ARM BSL: 3.2.0
CX APP: 4257
CX BSL: 3377
CX CNE: 4257

ARM APP: 4.4.00
ARM BSL: 2.3.0
CX APP: 13731
CX BSL: 2559
CX CNE: 13731

Android 7.0:
Samsung SM-G920F
App: 2.19.0
App Build: 5615

IOS 9.3.5
iPad mini A1432 16G
App: 5.19
App Build:6195

I have both 1st and 2nd gen models and can see the search icon with either but as gavinb says only tidal is a visible search location on the older unit.

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