Naim app on mobile phone

I notice that this aplication consume lot of batery on mobile phone, almost like car navigation.

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What phone do you have?
My Samsung S9+ doesn’t appear to have its battery drained by the Naim app. But maybe it should, as everytime I use it, it always has to go off and find the room. Even if I’ve not used it for a few seconds, and go back to it. Very annoying.
Yet if I use an iPad mini2 no issues. Just that the iPad is very slow now.

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I run a Tomtom satnav on my iPhone, and it does chew a lot of battery power. I even had to buy a more powerful car charger, as the old one I had couldn’t keep up with the satnav battery use. The Naim app uses nothing like as much power as that, so I suspect that something is amiss if yours is chewing through a lot of power. On an iPhone, you can see how much power each app us consuming in the Settings > Battery menu.
If you have Stay Connected turned on, the app will be using more power.

To save battery power, you could try closing the Naim app so that it doesn’t run in the background after you have chosen your album/created your playlist etc.

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There is an option in the settings “Stay connected” that might cause the battery to be drained faster.


Stay connected does not appear to do anything on my Samsung S9+😭

I am sorry to hear that. Nevertheless I would disconnect the option “Stay connected” and follow Dorian’s advise to close the Naim app in between your actions and use the remote for further control. In this case the Naim app should not have any major influence on your battery consumption.

Having said that, I have the option”Stay connected” engaged on both my iPhone and my iPad and I am not closing my app as previously mentioned. After checking in my “battery menu” I can see that the Naim app uses 8% of the battery on both devices.

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