Naim App on TV

I run the naim app on an amazon HD fire, tweaked to run any android app, it works perfectly.

However, I’d like to run the app on my Sony Android TV, like the raw HD fire the naim app isn’t available…
Has anyone installed the naim app on a smart tv?

I haven’t tried with the Naim app, but you should be able to sideload the APK. If you try, let us know if it worked.

How would you control it?

A while ago just for giggles I installed the Naim app on a fire tv stick. It needed a mouse toggle emulator app to get the full functionality out if it but even without that it worked surprisingly well. I’d imagine it would work well on an Android smart TV especially if the remote has some sort of on-screen pointer on it

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… BT Mouse and keyboard works on my TV!

Oof, well if you are happy lol.

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