Naim app playlists

Hi all!

Have a quick question, is it possible to edit the playlist paths on the Naim app? I had a whole bunch of playlists on there, and when my NAS died recently I bought a replacement Synology, but of course the model number (ie server name) changed so the path is different, meaning all my playlists have blue exclamation marks on the songs when I tap into them, making them unusable.

Anyone else encountered this and managed to work around it?


I’m pretty sure you will have to start again with new playlists. Sorry! In my experience, the Naim app has never handled playlists well, and creating then on your UPnP server is a much more reliable, if less convenient, method.

The Naim App is crap with playlists - max. 500 songs!! My Olive 4HD handled 23000 without a single problem…

Even if the playlist was composed entirely of two minute punk songs it would still take 16 hours to play. That’s a hell of a party. Why would anyone possibly want a longer playlist?

It’s an “I Want” society.

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