Naim app possibly numpty questions

I’m using the Naim app version 2.16.0 on Android devices (Apple-free household) with the ND5XS2. A couple of questions…

If I’m listening to an album streamed from Qobuz, is it possible to remove individual tracks from the queue? If it is I haven’t figured it out yet.

There is an icon next to the red arrow here, what is that supposed to do?

Tapping on it I just get a grey rectangle and the rest of the display just dims as show below. This behaviour is the same on both phone and tablet.

Finally, when using it on my Google Pixel C tablet, if I rotate the tablet from landscape to portrait or vice-versa, the app crashes every single time.

Not sure how you remove things from the queue but the four squares is the multi room button.

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Tap on the three line button top left to bring up the list view of the queue. Then swipe left to delete tracks in the queue, or drag to reorder.

Ah right, the ND5 is the only Naim streaming device I have but surely the app could be a bit more graceful :slight_smile:

I think the inability to delete tracks from a Qobuz queue is a known streamer firmware bug that Naim is looking to fix. The multiroom icon that HH identified won’t do anything unless you have more than one Naim streamer and have multiroom turned on.

The crash when changing from portrait/landscape is worth reporting to Naim support. It’s not generally a problem with the Android app, but different phones and tablets behave differently and so Naim may not know of this bug.



I’ve just emailed Naim support about that one.

I had figured out the drag and drop to re-order tracks in the queue but the swipe left to remove doesn’t work and as @davidhendon says this is a known bug so hopefully that will be fixed in due course.


Do you not see a … icon next to each track in the queue? Hit this, and one of the options is to delete the track from the queue.

I thought that would be the obvious place but when I tap that there’s no remove from queue option

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That looks to me like what you see when browsing the album in the Qobuz input. What you should get if you are viewing the Play Queue is this (at least on iOS)

No, my last screenshot was of the play queue after hitting Play on the album.

On Tidal going through the same steps I do see a delete track option so it looks like it is Qobuz only that has the problem. Is that Open booklet an IOS only feature as well?

So it looks like a Qobuz/Android app omission that you’re getting. Yes, the Rovi booklet link is, I believe, and iOS only feature.

Does the booklet link appear on all albums or just those you may have purchased? What level of Qobuz subscription do you have, is it Sublime or Studio? Maybe that’s the driver behind the booklet link rather than the device OS?

You get the Rovi booklet on any album, including those in your local library if you have one. The Naim app has always had this, but for some reason, they were never able to add it to the Android version. So nothing to do with Qobuz purchases or the booklets you can download from them.

OK fair enough. Seems an odd thing to be OS specific though.

Yes, I can only assume there must be some technical, or maybe licensing issue that prevents it working on Android.

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