Naim app problem - not displaying music

Hi suddenly got an issue with Naim App not displaying any tracks or sub folders under folders and nothing under playlist either. Works fine for other views. e.g. Artist/Album - does anyone have any ideas?
Synology 720+
Using Synology Audio Station as server
Bubble UPNP displays everything.

I’m not sure why you could do this before & what might have changed, but some observations.
The app only displays what’s sent to it, this is not an app problem
What UPnP are you using on the Synology ?
Audio Station purpose is to enable you to browse & play music from Synology over the Internet
I play Synology with only File Station installed & using Asset UPnP I can (if I select) to view & play Folder & sub folder views

Hi Mike,
I am thinking your questions relates to the UPNP server I use: it is identified as SynologyNAS720Plus so I am thinking it is Synology Audio Station? I can output from Synology Audio station directly to the Nova.
I have installed MinimServer2 and using this I can see all. The folder view is not such a loss but playlists I feel more.
As you say it is obviously not entirely an app problem but Bubble UPNP can see and display everything. Clearly something has broken - odd in that nothing, as far as I know, has been updated/changed. Might have to go down as one of life’s mysteries.
I think I am going to stay with MinimServer.

Unless you want to access & play from your NAS remotely over internet, you do not need Audio Station. I personally have never used it so cannot say if it can access Folder & Folder Sub Folder view/browse/play
To play from NAS you need an UPnP server, this will be something like the Synology ‘Media Server’ which is very basic, Minimserver is excellent, I prefer & use Asset UPnP.

Thanks Mike,
I have only used Audio Station to play anything when I have broken something and needed to test. I do use to create playlists so that I have something that sticks across all devices.
I only mentioned in case it was relevant - I can see now it is not.
I am going to stick with MinimServer as I kind of know it and have been very happy with the support received. I was not happy with support I received from Spoon in the past but I fully accept I may have been unlucky and certainly seem to be in the minority.

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