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After some helpful advice here, I turned Tidal off (because I don’t use it, and when I use the Search feature, it only searches Tidal).
Since turning Tidal off, the whole behaviour has changed. Before, when I selected a track, I was given various options, like Play Now, Play Next, Play Last etc. Now if I select the track it starts playing immediately even if it was playing another track. If I select the three dots icon, I just get Play as an option. When it finishes the track, it then starts playing some other track, which I had not selected.
This is really annoying. Normally I go through my tracks (stored on a NAS), selecting play next of play last to build up a number of tracks to listen to, and let it play. Once it has finished playing those, it stops.
I have no idea how turning off Tidal has induced this behaviour, or whether I have done something else at the same time - but is there any way of getting it back to what it was, but still without Tidal, please?

Did you by accident turn off Settings > Other settings > Tap for options?

Thanks for response - but no - just looked, that’s still ticked.

Odd. Part of your issue (if you select a track it starts playing without showing a menu) sounds precisely as if this were not active. Maybe try to untick it, exit settings, and then tick it again. In an earlier Android app version, enabling this setting did nothing for me (menu didn’t show anyway), which was later fixed - but who knows, some issue might be lingering. On the other hand, the part with the three dots menu seems like a different problem.

What happens if you enable Tidal again?

Tried unticking, closing out, going back in - behaviour is the same - Play Now is the only option. Enabled Tidal - no change. Maybe I should reset the app…

:frowning_face: I guess resetting is in order or even deleting all data and uninstalling (in my experience, they are not equivalent).

By the way, I just wanted to try if can reproduce with Qobuz (don’t have Tidal) and opened the app, but it did not find the NDX2 - and then I realized I had to send it to the mother ship for repairs on Saturday :frowning:

OK - resetting app gives me Play, queue next, queue last, greyed out UPnP Add to and New playlist. Tidal is there, of course.
Disabled Tidal.
Now it is back to ‘normal’. No Tidal, and multiple options for playing - so all good. No Search, but there is Filter, which I guess is functionally the same.
Many thanks - I think that it is now working more like I would like it to work.
The only think I can think of is that at some stage I vaguely remember selecting something like random or shuffle - but I can’t remember where or exactly what that option was. I suppose it could make sense that if you have shuffle then queue next or last might seem redundant - but what I was hoping for was to be able to create a queue, and shuffle/random play it.
Many thanks.

Shuffle is in the Play Queue screen - a small icon in the shape of two arrows forming a rectangle, I believe (see edit in my post above - no unit to check with…)
It gets easily tapped by accident and then forgotten, threads about “why is music playing randomly” tend to pop up regularly.

Ah - well that could explain it.

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