Naim App, Qobuz and label search

I like searching record labels to discover new artists, but the experience across streaming services is spotty at best, in my recent experience. Full disclosure: I use Roon and find their gaps in label search frustrating. I also use Qobuz and while I find their their direct label search to also be frustrating e.g. there is not a top-level “label” object that search results can be categorized under, they do have a “See the Label” function against albums - this will generate a list of albums by artists on that label.

Given the general spottiness of label search, I find this Qobuz option to be, so far, a reasonable entry way. (You still have to know an artist or an album on a label to get there.) I was wondering if this option was exposed via the Qobuz API to be able to be included in the Naim app? (It doesn’t appear to be currently available in Roon, but that doesn’t mean it’s not available.) I suspect this is probably a question for @Stevesky.

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