Naim App question

I have a Core & NDS feeding a Linn power System. I knew I could not control volume via my Naim app on my iPad but I used to be able to pause and skip to either end of the track, no longer. Down loading a new version of the app made no difference

Any thoughts on what I could try?

I can’t see any reason why this shouldn’t work. Are you using the Core as a UPnP server, or via SPDIF?
If UPnP, are you opening the NDS “room”? If you had inadvertently opened the Core instead on the app, I think you would find that the controls weren’t working.

I would try rebooting the core

I occasionally loose features with my NDS /Core
If the core reboot doesn’t solve it. …I power cycle the NDS
That has always sorted my issues

Another Naim App question: My Core is hooked to ND555 both via S/PDIF and UPnP through eR. I have multiple Albums marked as Favourites on my App. Are they played via UPnP when I hit them on or is there a way to choose and dictate how these Favourites are to be played, S/PDIF ou UPnP?

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