Naim App re-ordering tracks!

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Started the long slow process of ripping and restoring my vinyl to my Uniti Star. All good thus far except the app/music store/server insists on re-ordering the tracks even if I number them. i.e. 1_Song Title.wav or even 01_Song Title.wav. It tends to put the last couple of tracks first and ignores the numbering system I’ve given the tracks.

Any ideas please?

The file names are irrelevant, the track numbers in the embedded metadata tags are what decides the order

OK, thank you for that but I don’t believe I’ve embedded any real metadata? I record the vinyl into Adobe Audition as a single wav. I then de-noise it and paint out/remove scratches. I put numbered markers in the still single wav file which correspond to the track numbers. I then hi-light each track portion of the wav and then “Save As”, I also give it a corresponding track number. If I load the file into iTunes it’s fine but frustratingly the Naim app is not playing ball and I just wondered if there was a work around? or I could just be being a numpty!

If it’s a WAV then you should use a metadata editor - something like dbpoweramp - to add some track numbering and titling metadata at least. This is what I do with my own digital recordings and they come up perfectly whatever the device I play them on.

I’ve done some vinyl ripping for a friend, I found Mp3Tag is easier for editing metadata

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On a related topic: having just migrated to the Naim app from Cambridge Audio’s StreamMagic app, one minor irritation is that when I ‘shuffle’ a Qobuz playlist, the displayed track order remains unchanged - it simply jumps back & forth - thus I have no idea of what is up next. In the StreamMagic app, shuffling a playlist also changed the track order (though this was using Tidal, my CXN V1 didn’t support Qobuz natively). Is this an app limitation, a Qobuz thing, or have I missed a setting somewhere?

Qobuz playlist order is a completely different issue from local files, though :wink: Probably best to open a new thread for this

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Thank you that’ll work nicely. I bought db power amp as I was having issues with my Star.

Thank you just bought it on the App Store (Mac OS), doddle to use

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