Naim app running tidal improvements suggestions

it happens quite often that some records are not played by tidal version of naim app, probably because they are mqa and naim app does not indicate this information. so I have to try all album versions till I find the 16-44, while stand alone Tidal app I saw it indicates when files are mqa,

  1. is there a way to limit the naim app of the streamer to look only for non mqa files?
  2. otherwise would it be possible to let the tidal app within the naim app to show the mqa files in order to avoid them?
  3. there could be the possibility to have tidal connect also on older streamers?

I have a NDS, loving the sound, loving unpnp and radio, possible improvements on tidal


When Tidal detects a non-MQA streamer it should automatically send a non-MQA 16/44.1 lossless stream regardless of what version you have selected.
Unless you use Tidal with other devices which offer MQA support you may want to choose a regular Tidal subscription level which is a little cheaper. Otherwise you are paying extra for a service you can’t (and possibly don’t want to) use.

thanks Chris, there must be something in this process that does not work: I have Tidal hifi plus as I have also a bluesound node 2i that reads everything and use it over the phone with good earphones, so maybe this confuses the tidal app. is there one way to solve this out within naim app?

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