Naim app search problem

When searching using the magnifying glass in the Naim App on Android, search letters are randomly deleted, reinstated, ignored. It can take a minute or more to put in a 4 word search if I haven’t already thrown the device across the room in frustration. The “Filter” search does not have this problem (but also does not find what I am looking for).

This is on more than one device and I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling.

I assume this is not a common problem as I have not seen any other reported instances. Any ideas as to what I could try? It is driving me nuts!

It happens to me that when I open the App naim on an iPhone or iPad or Android the first time it doesn’t find the room! He finds it after at least 2/3 searches. It often happens to me …

Thanks Andrea but that is a slightly different problem. I find the app can be a bit slow picking up the rooms when switching between wireless points (I have more than one so that the whole house has wifi). It almost always picks up the Muso QB straight away but the Nova and Core may not be picked up for 10 minutes or so. “Pulling down” the screen to create a refresh makes no difference.

I am used to that now and it doesn’t bother me; it simply requires a bit of planning. They always appear in the end if I just leave the app running.

Yes that happens for me as we’ll. I mentioned it to Naim when I helped test the beta app on my Huawei Android tablet.

I have had the problem on all versions of the Android app but I only get the problem on the Huawei.

I have managed to get around the problem by using Google keyboard instead of the default Huawei keyboard. Try using a different keyboard.

Many thanks MSF. I’ve downloaded the Google keyboard and that seems to work fine. The keyboard that did not work was Swiftkey on my Sony phone. I need to check which keyboard I was using on my tablet - I thought it was Google but it is packed away at the moment so i am not sure.

Glad that worked. I thought the problem was just on the Huawei when I reported it.

Rather late in the day, I thought I should update this thread. The use of the Google keyboard worked for a few days but then started exhibiting the same issues as when using the Swiftkey keyboard.

The issue occurs on any search but seems to be particularly pronounced when searching Tidal. It took two minutes to successfully enter 5 words yesterday! Just how difficult should “Dark Side of the Moon” be? :slight_smile:

I too am experiencing the same issues on Android. Currently using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.5" 2018. Keyboard works fine whilst typing this response as well as other apps, however once I start typing within the search bar of the Naim app, letters disappear, words can’t be completed etc. I have noticed that I have to wait until results stop to resume typing. You’re not alone.

I have exactly the same issue using Lenovo Tab, Android 7.0, Google keyboard, Naim 2.11.1 app.

Performing a search in Tidal, letters randomly disappear from the end of the search string, producing garbled search phrases. often they disappear faster than i can type, so after a couple of seconds of typing, i may have only a couple of letters in the search box.

I have resorted to typing my search phrase into Word or similar, and using copy and paste to put it into the Naim app search.

Not very friendly!

Same problem searching Tidal on a Huawei Mediapad M3 / Android 7.0 / 2.11.1

Have tried workaround of only listening to songs / albums with very short titles, but fast running out of choices. Hoping for a fix soon.

After downloading the latest Naim App update for Android the issue has been resolved.

The latest update only became available for me today although it is dated 8 July. It is certainly much improved although the keyboard keeps jumping in and out of view. But overall a big improvement.

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