Naim App search question

Any help greatly appreciated here…

Just wondering if this is correct or there’s an issue with something I’m doing or some settings somewhere I’ve missed.

I’ve noticed that a search for a particular group brings up Qobuz artists and tracks but not those on my attached usb drive. It also seems the usb tracks cannot be used to create or added to an existing playlist.

I should have pointed out the usb drive is attached to the rear of my NDX2.

I may be wrong here, and I don’t use USB myself, but I think only the front USB is used for music files. Try swapping and see if search works.

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Just reading on the new snazzy naim website. Looks like I am wrong. Apologies.

Thanks for your reply John. I can access the files on the drive ie play them, just not anything else.

Files on UPnP cannot be included in the search either, I suppose it’s the same for USB

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I guess this is an advantage in Roon as they do show up in that app. I was thinking about changing over to a lifetime membership but they just hiked the costs considerably and being bloody minded I might just drop em :sweat_smile:

I haven’t used Roon but indeed it is a commonly cited advantage (at least wrt UPnP, dunno for sure about USB, but I think so)

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