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I recently discovered the ability to share playlists via the Naim app (app version 5.19). For me, this is a great idea, but I have not been able to get it to work. When I press share nothing opens/happens.

Any thoughts chaps?

I could swear I saw the exact same question just a few days ago, I believe in a separate thread, but I cannot find it anymore. There was an answer and it said that it should do what you expect it to, like any other share button. So you might not be alone in it not working

Thanks to your question; I just looked & ‘share’ appears to be there, touched it - nothing happens :frowning: When I saw your headline I thought “wonderful - I can send a playlist from my phone to my tablet”: can anyone say if this is what it’s intended to do (when it actually does work)?

Anybody out there where the share button is working then? Come on give it a try, you know you want to.

The other member did in this other thread or post that I am sure I have seen. I cannot try because I have Android and there is no Share option in this menu at all

Edit: As I cannot find this other thread/post, maybe the other member was the first to reply in this thread deleted it again?

Was it in this thread? I asked the same question here.

Yes! Thanks! This was driving me crazy. I didn’t remember you as the same person to have asked, but was 99% sure the answer had come from ChrisSU and searched for posts by him, but always dismissed this thread as the wrong one :man_facepalming:
And now it isn’t even an answer! I hope someone comes along with an iOS device and can tell you!!

It’s a little curious with all these members with the iOS app, that no one can confirm the button works?

I would really like to know what actually gets shared, a file, a link? If only my button worked.

Me too now, even though I even don’t have the button :slight_smile:
I also don’t get why nobody clicks it and posts!

(Worse, your question prompted me to search for differences in iOS and Android versions and I realized that iOS users get the descriptions from Rovi and Android users don’t. Really, Naim? Good that I am waiting for my Roon Rock machine that is in the mail)

Just tried it on my iPhone, pressing Share just goes back to the playlist - so broken!

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