Naim app - show radio logo


Is there a way to show the radio logos within your preset favourites, rather than just the plain default Naim logos?

I’m using Naim app on iPad. I get the proper display.
Not sure why u don’t

Me too.

Hmm, odd

I also have the logos on Android

I think maybe it’s only new platform streamers that support showing the logo in the app.



Could you explain what you mean please? What’s a new platform streamer?

davidf2 above has an NDX2, billiwindsock has a Uniti Star, I have an NDX2 as well. The new streaming platform is the component that does the streaming part and is shared between the Unitis, ND5 XS 2, NDX2, ND555 - and possibly Mu-so 2, I don’t know. So if davidhendon is right, then an older model might not be able to show the logos - but I don’t know

To be fair, they’re not really that new any more. Current, perhaps.

Muso series 2, Qb series 2, ND5 XS2, NDX2, ND555, Nova, Star, Atom are all new platform streamers. The earlier ones, including your muso aren’t.



I think Naim refers to them as “new platform”. In any case I have a muso Qb, several old streamers and a Nova and only the Nova shows the logos in the app for me.



Oh I see. Seems a bit daft to exclude the original Naim mu-so from what on the surface seems a pretty simple thing to include

I doubt that they “excluded it” just to be spiteful, surely it’s more like the older ones don’t have the facilities. (Whether that would be avoidable is a different question and I don’t know either why the app should not be able to show the logo - but the old streaming platform devices do have some limitations that are not always obvious and that look questionable in hindsight but may have made sense at the time they were designed)

My 272 showed radio logos in the app, but stopped doing that a year or so ago. Strange…

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Is it a case of the radio logos only show if the Naim device has a display? My Uniti Star shows the radio logo images but my 1st generation Qb does not. It may be the image data is stored on the device, so no display no image.

No I don’t think it’s that.

We’ve a first gen QB and all the logos are visible within the app on an iPhone 6.

I have a Uniti 1 and the logo’s are visible on app with ipad 2 and a Samsung Android phone.
Maybe try deleting the app and re-install.

The old platform streamers show iRadio station logo’s everywhere except on the preset screen.
I asked about this a while back & it can’t be done


Given the Naim app limitations here (at least with regards to my old £1500 Naim muso), does anybody recommend any other radio app that seamlessly integrates with a Naim muso?

I’d like to wall mount the iPad and have it as a media control hub, so would prefer for radio icons/logos to be showing, rather than just the text.

Having it work with a single press is also key - my other half won’t to be changing sources/inputs etc everytime she wants to turn the radio on