Naim App shows duplicate tracks for ripped CDs

I have all my CDs ripped to Flac on a networked Western Digital My Cloud drive. When using the Naim App whether via my old UnitiLite or current Uniti Atom some Album Files show duplicated tracks all the way through. However when accessing the drive whether logging in online or checking through file explorer on the pc there is no evidence of duplicated tracks. There is no music on the pc itself and all files were ripped to and copied over to the WD drive from an old pc that is no longer in use using DB poweramp. Any thoughts where its going wrong?

I am not saying that this is the case here, but I had a similar issue before. I had deleted files but not emptied the trash can. For some reason, the app identified and listed the files in the waste bin as well. Took me ages to work that out!

The Naim App will only display what it’s sent by whatever music server you are using so there must be duplicates somewhere.

What are you using to serve up the music files is it Twonky or something on the PC?

Have you tried rebuilding the database in the app

May be a different issue, but for me the Naim apps shows many albums from Qobuz duplicated. The Qobuz app doesn’t. Rebuilding the app database does not help.

Both Qobuz and Tidal commonly have duplicated albums, sometime you can see a release date difference and on other occasions nothing at all - not even track length differences.
I just pick the top one and play.

Ah that’s interesting. Would trash can emtying idea still apply even if the the pc is not switched on and connected to the network? I used an old Dell to ripp them some years back. Switched it off and put it in storage about 2 to 3 years ago.

The reason for my comment is that I had my music files on an SSD. I reloaded a few albums and deleted the unwanted copies of the tracks. I plugged the SSD into the back of the streamer and it rebuilt the database with the deleted files as well. I concluded that they had been erased from the file menu but were physically still on the SSD. Somehow the streamer had located them and catalogued them. After putting the SSD back on the pc and emptying the waste basket, the problem went away. It might not be relevant in this case but sometimes one thought leads to another and cloud problem solving can work!

I am aware that the services sometimes have the same album (or what looks like the same) more than once.

However, the albums that the Naim app displays twice occur in the Naim app’s album favorites list, I forgot to mention this. Each one is only one album in Qobuz, and I favorited them only once. Qobuz only shows them once, correctly, in the favorites of the Qobuz app, but the Naim app shows them twice in its favorites. When I un-favorite one of them, both disappear. It is certainly a duplicated display of the same thing

I see, that may need raising with Naim Support then.

Yeah I guess so. Will let them know when working through the long list of bugs that I have to report for various services and devices. Not just Naim, it’s a mess everywhere. Luckily I will be on vacation next week during lockdown and have lots of time

I’d start by re-booting everything. It’s amazing what glitches can be cleared easily by doing so.
If the problem persists, are you running a back-up NAS or computer which may also be serving the same albums?

I found this too, but with the files on my QNAP NAS. In the early days after acquiring the NAS and ripping my CD collection to it, I sometimes changed the metadata, deleted the old files on the NAS and then encountered the duplicate files problem. Eventually I discovered the old files in trash on the NAS and that my MinimServer was scanning them.

@Quizmate I think it’s very unlikely that an un-emptied trash can on a PC switched off 2 years ago could have any effect. In my case the problem was the trash on my NAS.


Is it possible to have the same folder being watched twice?
I had something similar on my linux box, deleted files appeared twice in the trash can until i figured out i had the same folders mapped twice.

Agreed. I’ve checked the Western Digital My Cloud. Doesn’t appear to have a trash folder and I don’t remember ever deleting anything from it. Some albums its just a few tracks that are duplicated. On others its all of them, whilst some albums are seemingly unaffected.

Perhaps you you have made a parallel MP3 library when you first ripped some CDs ? I know you don’t have a Unitiserve but it has the option to create an MP3 copy of every rip, perhaps other rippers do too ?


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