Naim App “Standby” option in the wrong place?

I really like the Naim App, but one thing I do find unintuitive is the location of the standby option when needed. It is unusually situated in the Settings section, which IMO doesn’t really seem to be a suitable location for it. This section can usually take 3 clicks to find, and involves you navigating away from the app page you are playing your music at.

One option, might be to have it on the ROOMS page for the particular device as shown in the mockup below. To get to it you only need one click on the ROOMS name at the top of the app shown in all pages I think. Also if you have multiple rooms, you can easily turn each one off.

Do you think it is a good idea for a Standby button elsewhere

  • Yes
  • No

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Hi @Stevesky, not a large population in response, but perhaps something you might want to consider in the future

I’d not seen this thread before, so apologies for not giving my support. Putting it on the rooms page is a really good idea. The other potential place is between the magnifying glass and settings cog, though that might be a bit tight if you have stubby fingers.

Thanks Nigel. Perhaps that might be an option for iPads, but as you say might be limiting for small phones and big fingers. Ideally it shouldn’t take more than 2 clicks to power off

I see no reason to change the current behavior. there are settings that will turn off the streamer automatically. However putting this option on the rooms screen could be an option, but how often would you really use it?

I personally would use it all the time, so at least once a day. Just like I would turn a TV off when done.


Me too.

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