Naim App/Tidal gremlins

Anyone see having issues where it fails to play the next track? Driving me nuts. I’ve had similar before and it needed all sorts of faffing (helpful faffing, mind) about with Naim to get to the bottom of it and the conclusion was that the problem was at the Tidal end. I suspect it’s the same this time round but just wondering if anyone else is having the same problem.

Paging @tomvamos


Just had a quick go with a playlist and album and the next tracks all behaved themselves.
Is this issue consistent? Do you definitely have a full play queue when playing?

Inconsistent and have a full play queue. I’m going to do a hard reboot when I get home. Last time there was also a conflict between multiple devices logged into Tidal at the same time, I’ve logged out everywhere except the iPad but still doing it. :rage:

No joy. Did a simple unplug and back in again - same prob. Did a hard reset and still the same problem FFS. As an example of inconsistency it got to track nine (of 19) on one album before it stopped. After the resets it went from 10 to 13 before it stopped again - same album. Does it with playlists as well.

@Spleen hi mate, I’m having this exact same problem when using the Naim app on my Huawei phone. All was fine prior to the latest app update.
Another issue I’m now having, which you might want to double check, is that when I delete a track from my queue, it doesn’t disappear straight away - sometimes I have to close the app and reopen to get my action to register.

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Hmm, interesting. Might try logging out from my iPad and trying my iPhone. Suspect it won’t make a difference but worth a go I guess.

As I thought, made shag all difference. This time it stopped on track 8 (same albums obvs).

So give a list of albums others can test.

I’m also having issues with tidal and my Atom. When playing Mumford & Sons Wilder Mind. It stops playing songs and did a reboot. Frustrating.

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