Naim App/Tidal/Spotify

I like to use the Naim app when streaming music. I am currently subscribed to Tidal for reasons that will become clear below. Supernait 3/NDX2/Uniticore.

I have noticed an odd difference between Tidal and Spotify when using the Naim App. I may be missing something, but I’m not sure.

When I am subscribed to Tidal, when using the Naim app, if I search for any artist (U2 for example) the Naim app will display all my U2 albums on my Uniticore BUT ALSO display other albums from U2 on Tidal and also show similar artists on Tidal.

When I have subscribed to Spotify Premium, when using the Naim app, if I searched for any artist (U2 again as an example) the Naim app would display all my U2 albums on my Uniticore BUT NOT display other albums from U2 or similar artists on Spotify.

I would like to subscribe to Spotify Premium again (mainly because I can stream it from my car; I can’t stream Tidal from my car). But I would rather not lose the functionality of seeing Other Albums and Similar Artists suggestions.

Am I missing something? Or does the Naim App simply display Other Albums and Similar Artists with Tidal only and NOT Spotify?

I would appreciate any input anyone may have in this regard.

Hi, I think you are seeing the differences between the implementation of Tidal and Spotify support here. Tidal has native support integrated into the Naim app, so it can search the Tidal servers for content. Spotify do not provide this option. You have to use Spotify Connect instead so that you search and control playback from within the Spotify app and cast the stream to your NDX2 from there.

@ChrisSU, thanks for your reply. My goal was to use one app (the Naim app) to rule them all; so one app that could integrate my Uniticore wav music and show other albums and similar artists. I guess that’s not possible with Spotify.

Are you certain of this? I have Tidal and an NDX. Tidal streams in the car (iPhone and CarPlay).

Once you have selected music you can return to the Naim app for basic stop/start and volume controls but yes, Spotify only allow control from within their own app. Some people prefer this, and it’s now available as an option for Tidal, but if you stream from a local library too it’s easier if you can stay in the Naim app.

@Matthewjb, yes. Tesla has Spotify built in. Apparently, Tidal for Tesla is in the works, but it’s been so for a long time. It would simplify things to simply log into a Spotify account.

Yes, I can stream any service via Bluetooth. But to simplify things I can use Spotify as it’s built in to the Tesla computer (so I can use the Tesla screen to browse music rather than use my phone to browse).

In any event, thank you all for your answers. You have been most helpful. It seems like Tidal better integrates with the Naim App to see Other Albums and Similar Artists.

Built in without having to plugin your phone? Cool

My humble Peugeot only works with the phone attached.

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