Naim App/Tidal volume display

I have a Qb2 and also now a Muso2 and have a couple of basic questions. I am using the free Tidal trial (what a difference from Apple music) and have a couple of questions.
When shuffling the tracks on my playlist the volume of the tracks are somewhat different so need to adjust the volume often. Is there a way to reduce the difference in volume?
Also, to adjust the volume, I need to open my phone and also the Naim app itself to get to the volume setting. Is there a way to make it appear on my screen when I just press the home button on my iPhone?

Hi, there’s no automated way to control volume between tracks within the Naim app. It can be done in Roon, which works well with Naim streamers, but requires hardware and a subscriprion to run it. Their Volume Levelling function is designed to do exactly what you are asking.

To get faster access to the Naim controls, you can add the ‘widget’ to your iPhone. Then instead of unlocking it and opening the app, you just swipe the screen to the R and the basic controls are there.

It does seem that some streams on Tidal are louder than others. It has spoiled some playlists I have made as songs which may sound good together are vastly different levels. I just keep the remote close. Cheaper than Roon, but less a much less elegant solution.

Thanks very much for the replies.
Roon sounds like a step too far for my needs (and capabilities😀).
Will try the widget thing and keep the remote handy!

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