Naim app - time for a numpty question

In the “Other settings” menu is an option to set “Tap for options”. What does this do? I cannot spot any changes in display or behaviour whether or not it is selected.

So if you look at radio station presets for example with it turned on you can’t just tap the station to play, you will now have to tap and then select what you want to do, long story short switch it off

But if you are playing upnp, the tap for options gives you the choice of playing now, queuing next, etc.

So long story short, leave it turned on!


Thank you both.

I can now see the effect when playing upnp and that is an improvement.

Strangely it seems to make absolutely no difference on the preset radio stations on either the Muso Qb or the Nova - maybe it just has an effect with the higher end equipment or perhaps with the Apple version (mine is android).

If you tap the … icon beside a track or album, you get the same list of options, which makes the tap for options thing pointless in my books.

I take your point but there are benefits on a small phone screen.

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