Naim App – update for Apple iOS device users

We have issued a minor patch release – version 5.22.2 - of the iOS App this morning, which should be available in the Apple App Store shortly.

It includes fixes for these reported issues:
• Irregular Volume button placement on Now Playing/bottom bar
• Occasional TIDAL playback issues triggered by mixing multiple accounts/power cycling legacy systems

Please note there is not an equivalent Android release, as these fixes are iOS-specific.


Yet one of the fixes is to a feature only released to iOS. There’s a worrying pattern of features only making it to iOS and Android getting left behind. Rovi, in app help, lock screen / notification widgets & now now playing bar volume buttons. Any others? I’m not aware of any features available only on Android or even appearing there first.

Is there any plan to get the apps in sync, or at least not have the Android app fall further behind?

This release was to address issues that affected iOS not Android users: it’s as simple as that!

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