Naim app update for iOS

The new update claims this.

Lock/Home Screen Widget

  • Swipe left on the Home or Lock screen
  • See the connected device and what’s playing
  • Use basic and volume controls

However I don’t get anything of that to work on my iPhone 11, latest iOS. As I read it it should work as Spotify is on the lock screen providing a slim on screen UI, no?

I’ve added the widget too but that only says “use the naim app to connect to a compatible playing streamer” which it already is.

Your ND5XS is not compatible with this functionality. You need the new platform for those things.


Ah crap. ND5XS was sold until 2017/18 and they are still selling N272 as new and that platform is already killed? That’s a REALLY short life cycle and support. I read Sonos promised 10 years support. This is really a deal breaker for a company profiling as high end. Come on. Expensive products you know! Seems like there is no Product management with more than a 3 months future vision or Naim need to speed up the pace with new platforms to follow the market need/requriements… It’s not working with so long products cycles in the sw race. It’s a new technology reality one need to either adapt to or skip out. It could very well be like in 1 year NDX2 updates are killed because they didn’t plan for the next thing. People will get tired of this lack of support. Also the second hand value of the product will rapidly go down with killed support meaning people will hesitate in investing in new ones with that fresh in mind.


I can’t understand what your beef is, the ND5XS was launched in 2011 & discontinued in 2018. It’s OS hardware & firmware had reached its limits, hence the move to the new platform.
I consider it good that the development of the iOS & Android apps can be made to integrate both the previous & current OS, even though some of the new hardware/firmware features are not available.


That may be slightly over the top, after all it’s only not being able to see what’s playing on the lock screen.

Beef is they discontinue support on products still sold on the market. Mention one other company doing that.

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Slamdam, AFAIK the old platform is still supported by Naim. However, the platforms are different so what applies to one may not necessarily apply to the other. And certain new services that can be applied to the new platform may not be adaptable to the old one due to it not having enough resource to support it - bear in mind that the old platform has been going for many years and was originally just designed to stream locally, but had then been updated to support some services. However the newest services like Qobuz it’s just not capable of natively supporting reliably. There are other ways though, which I see have been mentioned by other members here on the various Qobuz threads, so it doesn’t seem to be a completely lost cause if you have a streamer with the old platform onboard.

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Are there any benefits to updating the app if I just have legacy streamers? I noticed that some of the services are no longer available (e.g. alarm clock), so I’m assuming the app has been streamlined as well updated for the new streamers.

IMO, absolutely yes, the app itself does not carry any of the platform features, it only displays what your particular product - model/version, legacy or the new platform - has in its firmware.
Besides which over time the app performance has always improved (I’ve been beta testing apps since day one) so why not go for the latest

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Thanks - great positive response, thanks

Is there any information on when this update will come to Android users?


"The Naim app update also includes ‘Qobuz-ready’ features, in preparation of next week’s v3.4 firmware release. An update for Android devices only features the Qobuz-ready update.

This new app functionality is compatible with the following streaming products:

Mu-so 2nd Generation, Mu-so Qb 2nd Generation, Uniti Atom, Uniti Nova, Uniti Star, ND 555, ND 5 XS 2 and NDX 2."

Note to all; the v3.4 firmware release is due for release next week.

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I don’t find the widget any quicker or easier than opening the app, so I don’t bother with it. I think they were just trying to do something in response to requests for volume control from the iPhone buttons and/or locked screen, but it’s hardly a deal breaker.

Hi Richard,

that was why I was asking. I understand it’s not in this update, so wondering when it can be expected.

It’s a pretty standard and useful feature for any app of it’s kind, and I often wondered why Naim didn’t have it. So am happy to hear Naim is adding it.

I cannot believe that the new hardware platform is required to display a widget!? The naim app does know all information it needs to display and control the currently playing track. So why should the new streamer hardware be necessary to implement a widget in the app?

If the app is not enhanced for the old devices they should split the development and offer two apps. One lean for the old streamers that only gets some iOS compatibility fixes and one for the new streamers that offers qobuz, the widget and tag editing support, etc.



n-lot, Naim tell me that the widget is iOS specific - hence why it’s only for iOS. Qobuz of course is for both…

Do I chance it?

Sure, which explains why it’s not in the current update for one of the platforms, but I would think it’s fair to assume that it will come in a later one. In the end the apps functionality should be broadly similar between platforms, as is the case with most other apps.

Especially for something as industry standard as this, I can’t think of one music app (apart from Naim’s own) that doesn’t have it.

Would you disagree?

So I have just updated the naim app on my iPhone 8+

Music started cutting out every 4 seconds…

Florence and the machine was playing but the picture on the iPhone was Barry White…

No sign of Qobuz anywhere on the app and not an option in inputs…

After a couple of minutes:

Music has settled and not cutting out, Florence is now showing but still no trace of Qobuz. Should it be an Option in inputs?

You will need to wait for the streamer firmware update for Qobuz.