Naim APP v5.23 doesn’t load MinimServer UPnP on iPad and iPhone

Naim APP after last update doesn’t load anymore MinimServer ( UPnP on my iPad and iPhone.

On my other old iPad with Naim APP v5.18 the MinimServer is visible and it works fine

My devices are:

  • iPhone 11 ios v.14.8.1
  • iPad 6th gen ios v.14.7.1
  • Naim Uniti 2
  • MinimServer v2.1 on QNAP NAS

Note: with UPnP compatible mode in UPnP input settings, the MinimServer works correctly

I tried to do the follow actions without solving the issue:

  • Rebooted iPad and iPhone
  • Restarted the Minimserver service on QNap nas
  • Rebooted QNAP NAS
  • Rebooted Naim Uniti 2
  • Cleared cache UPnP in Naim APP
  • Reinstalled Naim App
  • Rebooted my wifi rooter

Hope for an app update

Perhaps update one of the apple devices to the latest IOS software to see if that’s making a difference ?

Yeah I belief it requires an update to the latest version. I had an iPad mini with the same problem, as it couldn’t upgrade to the newest version due to memory issues. Now with a new iPad mini with the latest software version it works again…

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