Naim app volume self-adjusting

Hello - I have an Atom with KEF R3’s and then 2 Mu-So Qb2’s. The Atom is hardwired and the Mu-So’s are run over the Wifi from a TP-Link Archer AC1750 router. I am steering the system with the Naim app on an iPhone XS. Everything is updated to the current firmware and software version (except the iPhone, which has iOS 13.4.1). I have checked the WiFi strength all around the Mu-So’s and it is generally >200 Mbps both up- and downloading (on a 5GHz network).

I have generally poor quality pairing with the Mu-So’s. For example, when running “multi-room” to pair all of the speakers, I have an issue in which if I adjust the volume slider for either of the Mu-So’s, it spontaneously reverts to its previous setting. This means that I essentially cannot control the volume through the app. If I reboot the Mu-So, then it tends to function for a few hours, but the problem quickly returns. While trying to get it to work today, the Naim app crashed twice. In addition, sometimes when playing “multi-room”, the volume slider for one of the Mu-So’s disappears. In the app, it shows the speaker as green checked and music is still playing - but the volume slider is just gone. Again, a reboot will generally bring it back.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? This is driving me nuts.

Thank you!

Ethernet over mains is the spawn of Satan. Try wireless or ideally ethernet-wired. It should then all work happily.


Thank you for the reply! However, can you please explain a bit more? Are you saying that I should either run both the Atom and the 2 Mu-So’s wireless - or ideally run all three ethernet wired?

HH is thinking that you are using ethernet over mains, but I don’t think you are? Anyway he is saying that all three devices should be connected by WiFi or ethernet and since you are already using WiFi for the two QBs he would undoubtedly say that you should use ethernet, a suggestion that I would agree. You could try temporarily if the ethernet cable runs are not convenient and if it works using ethernet cable then you at least know the issue.



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Thank you David. That sounds like a reasonable approach to trouble shooting. I will connect all 3 via ethernet and see if the performance improves. Appreciate the input!

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