Naim App vs Tidal native app - sonic difference

Hi guys,

I’m wondering if there’s any difference sound wise when streaming through Naim App vs Tidal app?
Since Tidal app streams “Hi-Fi” CD quality 16b/48Khz, is there any higher quality like 24/96 when streaming through Naim native app?
Was anyone able to hear any difference?

Seems that i stick with Tidal app, so maybe i’m missing some advantages, if any, of Naim app? :slight_smile:

Thank you

I moved from TIDAL to Qobuz when it became available in the US since Qobuz offered HiRes files. TIDAL only offered CD 44.1/16 at the time unless you were using MQA software which required you to have a device which supports MQA. Lots of discussion on the site, just type MQA in the search bar and you will find 50+ threads to read.

I am quite happy with music from my NAS, Qobuz and Internet Radio all which can deliver HiRes through my Naim streamer.

Thanks @seakayaker . Unfortunately, Qobuz is not supported in UAE :frowning: i’d love to use it instead… neither i do have MQA supported DAC, so only Atom is in use. I do have Roon and use it most of the times, however the main question is if i were only using either of two options Tidal or Naim app. This comes just out of curiosity)

I have only used Tidal through my Naim App with my Naim System and it would play 44.1/16 files. I enjoyed Tidal when it was the only solution available and it provided great access to music I did not own. No Hi-res however.

When I was traveling or at work I would use Tidal through my phone or computer with a set of headphones.

The issue was discussed at great lengths in some of the threads over the past few years and you may find more information in those threads.

Perhaps someone else with more knowledge than myself can offer some advice.

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Roon supports the ‘first unfold’ of MQA so you can get part of the benefit of MQA if you use it, assuming you hear a benefit, which I didn’t. Nothing to stop you trying though.
Using the Tidal app gives you some additional functionality which you don’t get in the Naim app, such as access to certain playlists (I think it was called the Daily Mix last time I looked) but just use whichever you prefer.

We use Tidal through naim app and bubbleupnp. Can’t say we hear any difference.

No option but to use bubbleupnp to access Daily Mix and My Mix 1-8 as legacy devices don’t have Tidal connect. The personalised mixes are the most useful feature of Tidal and it’s really frustrating that naim app doesn’t support them when other freeware apps on the Android store do. There are posts on this forum from quite some time ago asking about mix support so it’s not a recent shortcoming.

I no longer have a Naim streamer,but use Tidal connect with my Ifi Zen stream. Like you say,the personalized mixes are great.
I used Roon for a three month trial,but did not subscribe when it was time to pay up.Roon radio was nice,probably better than “my mix” on Tidal connect,but not $10 bucks a month better.
I also find Tidal connect to sound better than using Roon RAAT with my Zen too.

The app can’t possibly make any difference in SQ, it is the stream itself. If you for example stream through your mobile, and then send that signal via BT to a BT receiver, it can’t be as good as the direct stream into the Atom/Nova/Superuniti (or whatever you use). If the app “only” controls the streamer in terms of selecting music etc. then it is a question of convenience which one you prefer, but not of SQ.

Thanks guys. That’s what i wanted to hear in regards to any SQ difference by using either of apps.
Mainly use Tidal app - simply convenient and a matter of habit )

The Naim app on your phone is pretty much like the remote for your TV: the actual music data goes directly from the TIDAL/Qobuz servers via the internet, your router, etc. to the Naim streamer, NOT via the app at all… exactly like the TV signal is not going via your TV remote.

Tidal controlled via the Naim app on 1st gen streamers was generally considered to sound worse than the equivalent music streamed locally, say from a CD rip over UPnP. On the later firmware I think the gap was closed to some extent, and the differences were to my mind exaggerated by some who posted about it here, but they were still audible. So I would say that there is some scope for improvement, including potentially by using a proxy server.

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