Naim App w/Uniti core - can I print/export/share/save a playlist?

As the title suggests, I am using the Naim app on my iPad to control my Uniti Core. I have created numerous play lists which I would like to send/share with friends who are not in the Naim family. Kind of sharing favorites, recommendations, etc.

Is there a way to do this? Can I print the playlist? Or export it to a common file format? Or screen print? Or …….

Thanks, Bill from Illinois, USA

hi @meiatflask ,
Core playlists can be shared (as text). From the Homescreen of your Core go to the Playlists tab and tap the ellipsis next to the playlist you want to share. You’ll see a bunch of options. Select Share and then whatever tool you want to use. Easiest is probably the clipboard and then distribute accordingly.

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Thanks! Boy was that easy! Did that tool just get added with a recent update, or was that always there? I don’t recall seeing it last time I really tried to share (probably 2 years ago). And this time I just remembered past difficulties and did not look very hard, but took the lazy approach of posting. THANKS!

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It was fixed in 5.20 earlier this year. Glad its getting used.

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