Naim App with Huawei EMUI operating system

I’m considering buying a Huawei mobile phone. The latest models come with Android, plus Huawei EMUI operating system. These phones don’t use Google play, they use Huawei AppGallery.

Is the Naim app available on the Huawei AppGallery.

Couldn’t see it.

However, I’ve one of these damnabke phones through work. I can see nothing to commend it at all abs I’d strongly urge you to look elsewhere.

Thanks for checking Mike.

A couple of friends have Huawei mobiles. They think they’re great value for money.

On paper they certainly are but my goodness the usability leaves something to be desired.

You get a decent camera with it courtesy of Leica.

Good value phone option is the one plus range.
I have been using 1+3 and then 1+5 for some years now
iPhone standard (or better) at much cheaper price. Very usable phones

The Huawei phones are really very good, i use a P30 Pro. However, without the use of Google Play they become pretty pointless anywhere outside of China. Any new device is near useless for apps. Sadly i suggest you look elsewhere. Phil

It’s apparently straightforward to add Google Play to these phones, a quick Google will show you how.

I would be very cautious about installing Google’s play store onto a non-Google approved device.

The core android OS is open source, but all the stuff people expect from an ‘Android’ phone the Google Mobile Suite (e.g. Google Maps, GMail, Chrome etc.) are licensed by Google to the device vendor (albeit some of these are available for download by Google legitimately).

However, the PlayStore and the underlying PlayServices can only be legitimately sourced directly from Google by a licensee. The only standalone source for these is from hacked devices. You risk installing something onto your device that you probably don’t know exactly where it came from. Who knows what malware/spyware could be sat there?

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